Experiential Learning & Activities serves as the heart of campus engagement, where students can find purpose and belonging through a wide array of co-curricular experiences that help build meaningful connections and a healthy community.

Established in 2019, ELA is a department within Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE) and is made up of three units: Clubs & Organizations,  Orange Media Network, and OSU Program Council.  

  • We offer a variety of student employment opportunities for hands-on learning.  

  • We provide spaces for students to bring their authentic selves and be in community with others. 

  • We support student-led activities through activity grant funding and advising.

  • We center our work in our values of self-expression, equity and growth. 


ELA Values

Sharing ourselves with others through the expression of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  When we are able to express our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, we can be our best selves, reach our full potential and make valuable contributions to the communities we belong.

Ensuring each student receives what they need to be successful through the intentional design of the college experience and the dismantling of the barriers facing underserved students. Viewing the world through the lens of equity allows us to redirect our resources to areas with the greatest barriers and intentionally provide support. 

Having the courage and curiosity to always try new things, even if they are different or initially make us uncomfortable. We strive to give and receive constructive feedback in order to grow our skills and those of our students.  When we try new things outside of our comfort zone, we have the opportunity to experience transformation and build resilience - a transferrable skill that helps students be future-ready.


ELA strives to create inclusive, accessible activities that all OSU students can enjoy. If you have concerns or suggestions on how we can make programming more accessible, please contact Markie Belcher, Assistant to the Director, at [email protected] or 541.737.6375. To request accommodations related to disabilities for an event, please contact ELA at [email protected].