Experiential Learning and Activities (ELA) empowers students to direct their own out of classroom learning experiences that support personal growth, professional development and student success.  

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Clubs & Organizations is a resource for Oregon State University student groups. Learn about what student groups you can join, learn how to create your own group, or get support for your student group with us! 


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Orange Media Network (OMN) is the student media program at Oregon State University, with six mediums (a newspaper (The Barometer), three magazines (Prism, Beaver's Digest, DAMchic), a radio station (KBVR-FM) and a TV station (KBVR-TV)) and six cross-platform teams (Sports, Photography, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Creative (consisting of Graphic Design and Videography)). We strive to lead the college media field by elevating diverse student voices through innovative and accessible hands-on media and leadership experiences that challenge views, build grit and engage the community. OMN also works with OSU departments, local businesses and national clients to reach our audience through advertising.


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The Program Council produces an array of diverse high-quality events to engage students and enhance student life. Some major events hosted by OSUPC include Dam Jam,  Family Weekend shows and activities, Drag Bingo, Welcome Week events, and more. OSUPC is committed to serving the OSU community by upholding traditions and creating inclusive, engaging and entertaining programming. We wish to see a campus filled with new connections and lasting memories and strive everyday to make it happen.

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