Updates to Services and Programming

Experiential Learning and Activities is committed to providing services and programming to you while following OSU measures to help prevent the risk and spread of COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed below, we encourage you to connect with us via email.

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The phone lines listed below are currently re-routed to employee email. We will respond to calls within one business day.

  • Clubs and Organizations: 541.737.9857
  • Global Community Kitchen: 541.737.5812
  • Orange Media Network: 541.737.3374
  • OSU Program Council (OSUPC):  541.737.6872

Service & Program Updates

Most regularly scheduled programs and services will be offered in person. Some services are available by appointment only. 

Clubs & Orgs will continue to support and advise student groups both in person and remotely.  Any events being planned must be in compliance with OSU’s COVID-19 response.  Activity grant funding is available for recognized clubs for both in-person and remote activities.


Due to vacancies, the Global Community Kitchen is not currently able to support many events. If there is something you'd like to move forward, please contact us and we'll follow up ASAP to determine if we can support you.


OSUPC is actively planning fun, in-person and hybrid activities for the OSU community.  Join us for upcoming events like Drag Bingo, Virtual Paint Night or Trivia Tuesdays (almost every Tuesday during the term at 7p).

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OMN mediums (The Baro, Beaver’s Digest, DAMchic, Prism, KBVR-FM, KBVR-TV) are printing, and will continue to post their content online, over the air and on their respective social media channels.

OMN will be primarily in-person with some hybrid opportunities for remote students.

To stay up to date on what’s happening with your favorite mediums, check their website often and follow them on social media.

To connect with OMN, you can email, call at 541.737.3374, visit our news site, or visit our social media pages.

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We have account executives who are ready to take care of your advertising needs. If you are interested in advertising with Orange Media Network, please email [email protected]


OMN marketing and creative services are available to support your events and promotional needs. Our lead times are 5 weeks. 

OMN marketing and creative services can be contacted via email, call at 541.737.3374.


For Photobooth reservations, contact [email protected].

For in-person DJ services, contact [email protected] 

OMN marketing services can be contacted via email, call at 541.737.3374.


Student Experiences & Engagement

ELA is a department within Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE), which also includes Community Engagement & Leadership, the Craft Center, and Diversity & Cultural Engagement. Learn about SEE's response to COVID-19 at see.oregonstate.edu/covid19. For the most updated information related to the impacts of COVID-19 at Oregon State University, please visit the OSU COVID-19 Information site.

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